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of 15 educators in a doctor program at the sage college here in new york. the dean there, dr. laura quigly joins me. what kind of impression did this principal, dawn hochsprung, give to you? what kind of impression did she make on your students? >> i met her first of all when i welcomed the students to the campus last summer. of the 16 candidates accepted into the doctorate program this year, i really honestly have to say she was the one person who left an indelible mark on me because i was so impressed by her comments, her dedication to her small community in newtown, connecticut. her fellow classmates were just amazed she was traveling from connecticut up to the capitol region of new york to pursue her doctorate in educational leadership. she spoke about how she truly believed that her role in education was to create such leaders of the elementary children with whom she served. she had an infectious smile and she was always smiling. i think that's a reason why i remember her so dearly. >> reporter: lori, it is not often you hear people in a town, parents and teachers and kids talk
. >> it's just so senseless. >> reporter: rather than do nothing, laura can at least lay flowers and be grateful that her own children don't seem to understand. a luxury of the very young that most don't have. a small community they all seem to know a victim, some directly. >> last night we -- it was unusual, because they didn't respond on the phone calls and messages. last night we simply called. it's the worst. >> reporter: trying to cope and connect, signs are everywhere in the town's center, this one marked east lost victim counting up to 27 including the shooter's mother another reminded it wasn't just children lost. mandy is thinking of the principal. her 9-year-old son at the school. >> we moved here in the middle of the school year and she was so kind to my son. >> david king's daughter went to preschool with the children at sandy hook elementary. >> i'm just afraid to look at it to recognize and see the names of our little one's playmates. >> reporter: he sent his daughter to a different element israel school, a stroke of fate on a day when parents look for answers where
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2